Thursday, August 26, 2010

Django - Deploy an application to (French web site) is a French web site which allows free django hosting (and others) for websites up to 10Mb.
The site includes a fantastic but in French documentation which explains step by step how to publish a django site:

  • ssh and ftp connections are possible.
  • There is an admin site from where we need to enable the ssh user before using it.
  • The database must be created from the admin site.
  • When we make changes we may need to restart the fcgi process. This must be done from the admin web site, with the processes option, by killing the process. Immediately it is restarted.
  • Notice, as it is explained in the instructions, that we create a public directory. Some content, specially the static files, must be in that directory to be served, although the development server does not use them, it uses the files in the typical directory.
  • Important! Don't forget to redirect all queries to the main domain to the specific folder /appname/public where the project relies. This must be done from the admin panel.
  • Instructions for working with the development server are in

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