Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Django - Deploy an application to

I followed these steps to deploy a Django application into
  • Register to and enter to the Panel (
  • Click into the installdjango option and create a project (it is called application in the webpage).
  • Run python startapp appname (the application should be called equal to our project's application).
  • Access with ssh and sftp to our space and put our original application into the corresponding folder. Overwrite all files except and
  • Merge the files from and the one of our application.
  • Copy the content of to
  • Run python syncdb.
  • Modify file lighttpd/django.conf to be correct.
  • Syncronize with init/appname restart, init/lightppd reload and init/lightppd restart.
Useful utilities when working are the commands
zip -r directory
which compresses the directory into the file, and
which uncompresses the directory.
Caution: if we are in folder a/ and we execute unzip b/, the content of will be extracted in our working directory a/!

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